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By Ema Kurent on Saturday, December 29, 2012
A survey of the main planetary influences in 2013 covering the WHOLE WIDE WORLD :)

By Ema Kurent on Friday, October 05, 2012

With the first of the four presidential debates being over and the next coming soon, let's see what's in store for all of the 4 crucial US debaters.
By Ema Kurent on Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston, born on August 9th, 1963 at 20:55 in Newark Heights, NY, died on February 11, 2012, aged 48. 

The possibility of a famous woman's death in Los Angeles, following the December 2011 total lunar eclipse, was mentioned in my December blog.
By Ema Kurent on Wednesday, December 07, 2011
There's a total lunar eclipse on December 10, 2011, hitting some interesting areas on the world map and being followed shortly by the Mars transit. There are 3 zones to watch: California (Los Angeles Area), Japan (Tokio area) and Turkey.
By Ema Kurent on Monday, October 31, 2011
My November 2011 complete forecast :) 
By Ema Kurent on Saturday, August 27, 2011
An overview of planetary influencies and world events during the last 10 days of August 2011
By Ema Kurent on Saturday, July 30, 2011
A short summary of the July 22 to July 29 world events, as related to the activation of the lunar total eclipse of June 15, 2011
By Ema Kurent on Saturday, July 23, 2011
On July 22, Norway was shaken: a bomb exploded in a central Oslo building, and a few hours later a man landed on a nearby island and killed 92 people. What happened - astrologically?
By Ema Kurent on Friday, July 22, 2011
An overview of planetary phenomena in August 2011 and some thoughts on how they could influence life on Earth
By Ema Kurent on Wednesday, July 20, 2011
A short summary of outstanding world events during the Mars transit of the 18th degree Gemini - the degree of the December 10 total lunar eclipse 
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Re: Whitney, we will always love you
Hi Grace, thanks, but, fortunately, my only mistake was that I wrote NY instead of NJ. (I changed to NJ now, I understand it's New Jersey, not New York). The chart is perfectly OK, no need to change that, since Newark Heights in NJ is practically the same place as Newark in NJ. There's a tiny difference of 5 minutes in longitude, so ascendant is only 8 minutes off, so I guess it's just the same place. I must have found Newark Heights as her birth town somewhere on the net since I'm not American and I wouldn't think the place up.
Re: Whitney, we will always love you
Your original post says Newark Heights, NY (New York). Wikipedia and Astrowiki show Newark, NJ; and Newark Heights, NJ is not where she was born. They are two different places and very different, also.

It does not make that much difference in coordinates, but it is not Newark Heights.
Re: Whitney, we will always love you
Yes indeed, Grace, that's her chart above, see Newark Heights NJ, the second chart is for LA where she passed away.
Re: Whitney, we will always love you
Astrowiki and Wikipedia says she was born in Newark, NJ.

Thank you for your thoughts.
Re: Precarious days
ith your over shadow index charts, ema, do you set them for a particular position ie. Manchester, New You are able to..etc?Ncr Forms
Re: On the watchout for the total lunar eclipse of December 10, 2011
There we go... There was a significant public incident in Los Angeles around the day of eclipse (the date of the event was December 9)- a gunmen firing at innocent people, in,0,5635120.storyBesides, there were 2 strong earthquakes on the day of eclipse, one very near New Mexico and the other at Sandwich Islands, both above grade 6.
Re: On the watchout for the total lunar eclipse of December 10, 2011
The eclipsed moon is conjuncting my natal Uranus in the 4th house & trining my 18 degree 33 second Aquarian ascendant. I can't quite figure out how this would impact me. Both of my mother's have died already. Transiting mars is conjunct my mercury in the Virgo intercepted 7th house. Any thoughts? 09/18/45 5:45 pm war time, Bartlesville, OK , USA
Re: On the watchout for the total lunar eclipse of December 10, 2011
let's out this way, I won't be heading to Japan at the end of the year! Mars in the 9th on the bendings of the LA chart - problems from johnny foreigner perhaps or more religious issues raising their head? According to Lilly, this eclipse threatens destruction to flying fowls..especially which men eat or feed upon, whereby many men come to sudden death under Lunar eclipse in signs he say " In the 2nd decanate of Gemini, sudden motion of armies ...

I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort of seismic activity. Haven't had a chance to look at the ACG maps yet for LA & Tokyo. Has anyone else looked at the ACG?
Great Blog as usual Ema.
Re: On the watchout for the total lunar eclipse of December 10, 2011
Thanks, Ema Kurent- fascinating as usual- the LA chart in particular: Mars t square the Eclipse could be a very powerful trigger for an event right then, on December 10th. Uranus is on the IC at 0 degrees Aries- a potent degree- it squares Pluto. Also, it will be stronger having just turned direct. Mysteriously, meaningful perhaps: the AC of the chart is close to the USA Sibly AC. As the AC is Sagittarius, the chart is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in tense aspect to the AC (how the place 'sees' itself)- and both The Eclipse and Mars- a huge release of energies?
Re: Husbands, watch your p.....s!!! :)
THIS Pakistani husband obviously didn't took my warning seriously ;)
His wife dismembered and then even cooked and ate him. It happened on November 22, not exactly on or around November 11 as I predicted, but on or around that day, his wife may have conceived the big IDEA :(
But, as I wrote, "the "shitty" part of the month will be ... between November 22 and November 26". That's when her appetite grew to an irrsitible proportion.
And, there were 2 strong earthquakes (above 6) in Japan - I told you there's a warning signal for Japan, too. All in all, I'm quite happy with my predictions, and, hopefully, people will pay more attention to them in the future ;)

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